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May 05, 2021

Even if you hadn't considered completing your MA plumber

Feb 24, 2021

To say that things are still a little confusing for anyone who needs to take continuing education courses during COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is an understatement. Although some businesses and educational centers are reopening with restrictions, you may not feel comfortable attending in-person gatherings just yet. Additionally, depending on the number of cases in a given area, things can change quickly.

If you want to know whether you can complete your Utah Professional Engineer Continuing Education credits to stay up-to-date during COVID-19, the short answer is yes, you sure can!

Jan 15, 2021

Earning or renewing your Florida Professional Engineering license is important for your career and business as a Florida engineer or general contractor. Your valid license proves that you have taken the steps needed to stay updated on all current laws, regulations, and policies. It helps you provide safe, compliant, and reliable service to your clients, letting them know they can put their trust in you right away.

Jan 04, 2021

MA CSL Test Prep

If you plan to take a new job overseeing a construction project, your employer has probably required you to obtain a Massachusetts Construction Supervisor License (Mass CSL). The position, which is often just below the construction manager, requires you to supervise certain workers on construction projects or phases of projects, which include one-to-two family homes and/or appurtenant structures of any size, one-to-four family owner-occupied homes, and manufactured buildings, or structures with 35,000 cubic feet of enclosed space.

Sep 03, 2020

Like all seasoned plumbing professionals, you know your trade and want to get the job done each day to satisfy your customers. However, as a dedicated trade professional, you also know that renewing your plumbing and gas fitting contractor's license in Massachusetts is a core requirement of your profession. When you have a full roster of loyal customers, it is challenging to fit everything into your work and personal schedule.

Feb 06, 2020

Need to renew your general contractor’s license in Florida, but don’t know how?

At Leisure provides all you need to further your education as a contractor and will help you take the initial steps to start and complete your license renewal.

Why is Renewing Your General Contractor’s License Important?

Updating and renewing your contractor’s license may seem like a difficult task to accomplish – but, it is important for you and your business.

Nov 13, 2019

Obtaining the hoisting license that Massachusetts requires for most industrial commercial lifting work can expand your career opportunities. A MA hoisting license opens up positions for town jobs, on construction sites, in warehouse and shipping facilities, for industrial and commercial purposes, and many other industries. There are over a dozen different types of hoisting licenses depending on the equipment you plan to operate, so knowing the facts is essential to successfully securing the right license.


Oct 15, 2019

Whether you are a contractor looking to renew your Massachusetts hoisting license, or you are just starting to obtain the many licenses you will need to land more work, you will undoubtedly run into the following two questions:

  1. Who needs a Massachusetts hoisting license?
  2. How do you obtain a MA hoisting license?

Starting with the first question, let’s talk about who needs a hoisting license.

Sep 05, 2019

Keeping your MA Construction Supervisor License in good standing requires a little bit of upkeep, and most importantly, a renewal every two years. This calls for a few individual steps that you should complete well in advance of the time your current license expires. The process is not particularly complicated, although it does include some recent changes to the continuing education requirements. Here is what you need to know.