MA Plumber Courses Online vs. In Classroom | Online Class Benefits

Massachusetts homeowners and business owners rely on licensed plumbers and gas-fitters to provide high-quality service that complies with state standards. Further, the state of Massachusetts requires you to stay current, so it's important to find a convenient MA plumber continuing education program that satisfies everyone's expectations, including your own.

When you sign up with At Leisure (don’t worry, we’ll get to how awesome our courses are later), you can rest assured you will walk away knowing all the latest and relevant laws, standards, practices, policies, and regulations for MA plumbers. And since you’re already required to take continuing education courses, the good news is, with us, you’re at least going to get something beneficial out of it. Because anything can change between the time you initially earn your plumbing and gas-fitting licensure, attending continuing education courses ensures that you know the correct approach and technique to performing work like installing and adjusting pipes, fittings, and other equipment. As a result, you’ll feel much more knowledgeable, prepared, and confident in providing safe, efficient, and effective service for your customers.

Online Courses vs. In-Person Courses

Online continuing education plumbing and gas fitting courses in Massachusetts have become increasingly popular and commonly used in the past few years, especially since COVID-19. As restrictions, lockdowns, and social distancing requirements continue to ease, some students choose to return to classroom environments for a traditional classroom experience. However, many plumbing continuing education professionals choose online versus in-person studies for their own reasons – a few of which include the following:

  • Online classwork offers access to highly skilled and knowledgeable instructors that you’ll actually want to pay attention to.
  • Online learning allows students to go at their own pace, helping to equalize any issues associated with the lack of face-to-face instruction during in-person class sessions.
  • Online studying gives students an opportunity to think deeply and critically on their own about the subject matter before discussing it or taking tests on the materials.
  • Online courses are up-to-date in offering the latest technological support, such as streaming content and podcasts, to help students succeed at home and online or in the classroom.

Key Benefits of Online Continuing Education

As a busy plumber or gas fitter, you might need more evidence that online continuing education courses are the right path for you. The main benefits of online MA Plumber and Gas Fitter Continuing Education courses, which tens of thousands of Massachusetts contractors put their faith in, include:

  • 24/7 online access to all coursework allows you to read, study, and review lessons when it’s most convenient for you without interrupting your busy work schedule and valuable family time.
  • Lessons and programs that save automatically if you lose battery power or close out your session without remembering to save.
  • You can use any devices you own to access your coursework. For example, if you want to get some study time on your work break, you can pull up your courses on your smartphone. Or, if you have some downtime before dinner, you can work from your laptop or tablet in the comfort of your home.
  • Take the course at your own pace. If you want to do it quickly, you can zip right through. However, if you'd rather give yourself plenty of time, At Leisure's online courses encourage you to do that, too.
  • An optional audio narration of courses means you can take in the information while driving or working.
  • Lessons that prepare you well enough that you'll find the final exam easy to pass.
  • World-class customer support never leaves you wondering what to do next to advance your studies or take your exam.

When choosing to take continuing education courses with At Leisure, we’re guaranteed and committed to helping you ensure your success in your online MA Plumber and Gas Fitting studies. Explore our available courses today and get started on sessions 9-13 whenever it best fits into your schedule!