Online Continuing Education & Test Prep Courses for Hoisting Engineer

Below is a list of courses offered for Massachusetts Hoisting Engineers. Click here to find out who requires a MA Hoisting License.

Continuing Education

Massachusetts Hoisting Continuing Education for MA Hoisting License holders who need to renew their license. Approved by the MA Office of Public Safety and Inspections.

*You will be given the option to have At Leisure submit your renewal to the state on your behalf. Only ONE renewal per individual ($60  state fee + $5 processing). Please note, it can take 3-7 days after submission for the state to initiate your renewal process. To learn more, please click here.

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New License Exam Prep (Online)

For anyone looking to obtain a license to operating hoisting machinery in the state of MA. $21 OFF for a limited time! Self-paced study guides and hoisting license practice tests covering all information necessary to pass the state exam. Employers: Save 25% with a free group account!

*If you select “Submit My Application,” At-Leisure will submit your hoisting application to the state on your behalf ($75 state fee + $5 processing).

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New License Exam Prep (Classroom)

For anyone looking to obtain a license to operating hoisting machinery in the state of MA. Instructor lead classroom training covering all information necessary to pass the state exam.


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In-Service (In-House) Training Programs

Companies operating hoisting machinery solely on company property may qualify for the In-Service exemption. State-of-the-art program makes this easy as possible.

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Massachusetts Short-Term Rental Permits

Fourteen day permit for individuals looking to rent compact machinery (8,000 lbs. or less) in the state of MA from approved American Rental Association of Massachusetts vendors.

Not all ARAM locations are approved. Before purchasing this course, please contact your selected rental facility to obtain your rental store code. Your certificate will not be issued without this code.

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To obtain a hoisting license in MA, you must pass a state exam. This is a written exam which is made up of roughly 30-40 multiple choice questions depending upon which exam(s) you are taking; you must receive a 70% or better in order to pass.

To take the state exam, you must first submit an application to the state which must be accompanied by a valid ID and valid DOT Medical Certificate. You must also include a $75 state exam fee for each exam you would like to take.

Once received, the state will process your application and schedule you for an exam date. Exams generally take place the last week of the month, and are offered in various locations across the state. Depending upon where you reside is how the state will select your location.

There are various types of hoisting licenses which allow you to operate various types of equipment. Depending upon what you plan to operate is how you decide which exams you need. Once you have passed your state exam, you will be mailed your hoisting license, at which point, you are legal to operate in the state of MA.


A 1C hoisting license is for a telescoping boom without wire cables. For example, a tele-handler, often referred to as a reach forklift or a “Lull”. This is for material only; a man-lift falls under a different jurisdiction and does not require a license unless a winch has been attached.

The 1C license encompasses the 1D license which allows you to operate fork lifts.


A MA Hoisting License is good for 2 years at which point you must renew. In order to renew, you must complete required continuing education.

Your MA Hoisting License expiration date is your birthday, so when you first receive your license, it will go to your second birthday. So for example, if you take the state exam in January and your birthday falls in February, then you will only get a year and a month before your first renewal is required. From then on, it will be every two years.

When your license expires, there is a one year grace period to renew. This means you may renew your license without having to take your exam again, however, in that time when you are expired, it is illegal to operate machinery. In the event you go past your one year grace period, your license is then considered Null & Void, and you must take the exam again in order to receive a new license.


Please visit our post to learn about who needs a Massachusetts hoisting license:


To obtain a hoisting license, it will cost $75 per grade, which is really paying for the state exam. For example, if you require a 1C and 2A hoisting license, that would be $75 x 2 = $150. In the event you fail an exam, you need to pay the $75 exam fee again.

To renew a hoisting license, there is a $60 renewal fee. The renewal covers the entire license, NOT a per grade basis. For example, if you hold a 1C & 2A hoisting license, it will only cost $60 to renew everything.