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Anyone applying for a hot works permit from a local fire department in MA must show completion of an approved training program. This permit and corresponding training is required for most hot works conducted in MA.  As of July 1, 2018, the City of Boston requires all persons engaged in hot works operation on the work site to be certified in Hot Works Safety.

At Leisure's convenient online Hot Works Training Program is approved by the MA Department of Fire Services and can be completed 24/7 from any internet-enabled device.

Hot works is any work involving burning, welding, or a similar operation that is capable of initiating fires or explosions, such as soldering, brazing, cutting, grinding, thawing frozen pipe, drilling or tapping, torch-applied roofing, or any other activity that produces heat, spark, or flame.

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Course Details & Benefits:

Who must complete a hot work training program? 

A qualified person must provide documentation that he or she has successfully completed an approved hot work training program in order to serve in any of these capacities:

  • Anyone who performs hot work.
  • Anyone who serves as a "Permit Authorizing Individual" (PAI) to perform, supervise or delegate hot work;
  • Anyone who performs as a fire watch except fire department fire details.
  • Anyone who needs a permit from the local fire department to conduct such work.

Successfully completed means a certificate of completion with the person's name, date of completion, and a provider’s/instructor’s signature acknowledging the individual attended and completed the program.


Who needs a hot works permit from the fire department? 

Since January 2015, anyone conducting hot work has been required to have a permit from the local fire department (contact your local fire department for the permit application form). The new exceptions to this are:

  • Certain licensed tradespeople, such as electricians and plumbers, already pulling permits from the local building department under their specialty codes (e.g., electrical code, plumbing code). They do not also have to pull a separate permit from the fire department.
  • Homeowners and hobbyists.


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Our Hot Works Training course is available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. If you or your employees speak Spanish or Portuguese as a first language, At Leisure can fulfull your needs with our state-approved Spanish Hot Works training course, or Portuguese Hot Works training course, both translated by professional translators and native Spanish/Portuguese speakers.

This course covers the following topics:

  1. Introduction to Hot Work Safety. Learning objectives for this module are:
    • Why Hot Work Safety Training is Important
    • Key Documents for Hot Work Safety Training
    • What is Hot Work? Types of Hot Work
    • Heat Transfer, Fire Traingle, and Fire Extingusishers
    • Common Fuel and Ignition Sources
    • Permissible and Nonpermissible Areas
    • Fire Prevention and Protection
  2. Hot Work Safety. Learning objectives for this module are:
    • Written Fire Safety Program
    • Hot Work Permits
    • Hot Work Safety Team
  3. Specific Conditions/Processes. Learning objectives for this module are:
    • Public Exhibitions and Demonstrations
    • Confined Spaces
    • Oxyfuel Gas Welding and Cutting Safely
    • Arc Welding and Cutting Equipment Safety
    • Resistance Welding Safety
    • Thermal Welding Safety
    • Roofing Operations

Our course is approved by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security Department of Fire Services. View our certificate of approval.

Upon completion of the course, your certificate is immediately available for download.  Your certificate will be presented to you in an electronic format (PDF), which may be printed.

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For information on the current Massachusetts Fire Code, please visit

This page contains detailed information regarding the state requirements for welding, cutting, and other hot works.


Anyone who performs, supervises, or delegates hot work must complete hot work safety training. This includes trades licensed under a specialized code (M.G.L. chapter 143 section 96) such as, but not limited to, plumbers and electricians, who may receive their training as part of their licensing authority’s continuing education requirements.

Maybe. Hot Work safety training programs must be approved by the State Fire Marshal. At Leisure's course is approved.

To view a list of all approved programs, visit

Yes, with very few exceptions as described below:

  • Those individuals who are licensed under a specialized code (M.G.L. chapter 143 section 96) such as, but not limited to, plumbers, electricians, etc. are not required to secure a permit from the head of the fire department.  For example, a plumber who pulls a permit to do plumbing work is not required to get another permit from the fire department for the hot work that is incidental to their plumbing work.
  • Individuals who conduct hot work on their own premises or equipment must consult with their fire department before performing hot work but do not need a permit from the fire department.
  • Homeowners and Hobbyists are exempt from permitting requirements of 527 CMR 1.00 Massachusetts Comprehensive Fire Safety Code

No. Anyone who performs, supervises, or delegates hot work must be trained.