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Renting skid steers in Massachusetts can be confusing. Not only do you need to find a rental store near you that has the equipment you're looking for, but you also need to make sure you're following state laws related to operating machinery. The instructions below will help you understand exactly what you need to know about mini skid steer rentals.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Renting Skid Steers in Massachusetts


Step 1: Determine the type of skid steer loader you need.

Skid steer loaders come in all different sizes, which are made for different types of jobs and projects. You'll want to have a good idea of the type of skid steer you need before contacting rental stores to check their availability. Some factors to consider:

  • Maneuverability. Do you need to navigate through tight spaces? If so, a smaller machine may be more beneficial to you.
  • Size of job site. If maneuvering through narrow spaces isn't a concern and you need to travel across a large job site, then a larger machine may save you quite a bit of time.
  • Job intensity. If you need equipment for a particularly tough job, you're going to need more power. Typically, the larger the skid steer, the more powerful it is.
  • Lift capacity. Consider how much weight you plan on lifting. Different skid steers have different capacities, so you'll need to make sure your machine can handle the load.
  • Bucket size. If you plan on moving a significant amount of material, having a larger bucket will reduce the amount of trips you need to take.
  • License requirements. Some types of skid steers require a Massachusetts Hoisting License. Other, more compact machinery, can be rented with a Mass. Hoisting short-term rental permit. Therefore, if you don't have a full MA Hoisting License, there is a limit to what equipment you can rent. We'll cover this in Step 2 in greater detail.

Still have questions on what size machine you need? Your rental store professional can help you select the best machine for your needs.


Step 2: Make sure you meet the licensure requirements.

As mentioned in Step 1, state regulations require a MA Hoisting License to operate certain types of machinery. If you don't hold a hoisting license in the state of Massachusetts, you can obtain a short-term rental permit to operate Compact Hoisting Machinery, which is Hoisting Machinery with a manufacturer's listed gross vehicle weight not exceeding 8,000 lbs. Permits are only valid for 14 consecutive days, and no person can be issued more than one (1) permit in a 45-day period.

Read our article, Who Needs a Massachusetts Hoisting License to gain clarity on exactly what the state requirements on licensure are. You can also review the code (520 CMR 6.00 Hoisting Machinery) directly here.

The remaining instructions are intended for those who plan on obtaining a short-term rental permit through At Leisure to rent equipment.


Step 3: Locate a rental store and check availability.

Next up, you need to find a rental store that has the equipment you need. A good place to start is Simply enter the type of equipment you're looking to rent ("skid steer") and your location, and you'll be provided with a list of rental stores in your area (and a handy map!). If you find yourself wondering, "how do I find a skid steer rental near me?," the Rental HQ map is the best way.

Select a store that is convenient to you, and call to inquire about their availability. Important: If you do not have a MA Hoisting License and you plan on using a short-term rental permit, you must inform them of that and ask if they have an ARAM Rental Store Code. You'll want to jot down the rental store code, as you'll need it to obtain your permit. Note: The short-term rental permits issued through At Leisure are only valid at approved ARAM rental facilities who can provide you with this code.

The rental store will provide other instructions like how to reserve your equipment and schedule pick-up or delivery.


Step 4: Take your short-term rental permit course.

You must take an online short-term skid steer permit course before you can rent your equipment. This course is roughly 1-2 hours long and can be completed at your leisure from any internet-enabled device.

Before you begin your course, you must obtain the rental store code from an approved ARAM rental facility. This is a 7-digit number that any approved ARAM rental facility can provide you with.

Mass Hoisting Short-Term Rental Permits


Step 5: Rent your equipment.

Now you're ready to rent your equipment! As soon as you complete your online course, your short-term rental permit will be electronically transmitted to the facility associated with the rental store code you entered in your course. The rental store will go over some additional information about the machinery you're renting, and then will sign off on your permit. As mentioned above, short-term rental permits are only valid for 14 days. That timeline begins the day you rent your equipment, not the day you finish your course.