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MA CSL Exam Prep

If you plan to take a new job overseeing a construction project, your employer has probably required you to obtain a Massachusetts Construction Supervisor License (MA CSL). The position, which is often just below the construction manager, requires you to supervise certain workers on construction projects or phases of projects, which include one-to-two family homes and/or appurtenant structures of any size, one-to-four family owner-occupied homes, and manufactured buildings, or structures with 35,00 cubic feet of enclosed space.

Construction specialists who need to obtain this licensure often have a few important questions:

  • What is the MA CSL exam, what happens upon completion, and how long is it valid?
  • Are there any prerequisites needed to take the exam?
  • What exam preparation is needed to complete certification in time to begin the targeted project?

What Is the MA CSL Exam and Who Needs to Take It?

The MA unrestricted CSL exam is an open book test consisting of 75 questions that you must complete in three hours. Candidates who earn a score of 70% or higher will receive a passing grade. At that point, you can pay the $150 fee to obtain your license.

There are two main prerequisites for professionals who want to take the MA CSL exam:

  • Must be 18 years or older.
  • Must have a minimum of three years of experience (education counts toward experience).

You will need to prepare for your unrestricted MA Constructor Supervisor exam, and you can do so through an online, instructor-led course at your own pace and in easy and effective ways that fit into your work and personal life. The point of the test is not to memorize information. Instead, At Leisure makes it easy to navigate the course books so you know where to find the information you need when you need it (minus the boring lectures). The open book exam requires you to effectively navigate relevant materials, such as those dealing with international building, residential and energy conservation codes, and OSHA construction industry standards.

The MA CSL Exam Prep Course can help you get ready to earn your license with confidence and without disrupting your work and home life. Here is what you can expect when signing up for your online course:

  • Online courses are broken down into video modules, featuring informed, energetic, engaging, and enthusiastic instruction from an industry professional.
  • The study modules are anywhere from five to 15 minutes maximum.
  • You can go back and review modules as needed, on your own time, and as much as you need to do so to feel confident.
  • The course designers kept you and construction professionals like you in mind when they created the course, ensuring it is quick, to the point, and will not take up a lot of your busy time at home or work.
  • Get it done at your pace and as leisurely as you want.

Register now with At Leisure to start preparing for your MA CSL exam right away, and from the comfort of home or anywhere else you can squeeze in some study time.