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We Recognized a Problem. We Fixed It.

D.O.T. Medical Cards for only $75!

Introducing the end of high-priced D.O.T. Medical Cards for MA Hoisting license holders! We have joined forces with a team of doctors across the state to offer you rock bottom pricing on D.O.T. Medical Cards, conveniently scheduled right on our website in a matter of seconds. You get to take advantage of this great benefit, just for being our customer!

How It Works

  • Sign up to take any one of our MA Hoisting Exam Prep or MA Hoisting Continuing Education courses.
  • Within your dashboard, you will see a button labeled “Schedule D.O.T.” next to your course.
  • When you are ready, simply click and select your location and date. You will then enter your information, which automatically gets uploaded to the D.O.T. location's software; this means you spend less time at the doctors office.
  • The system will prompt you to enter your payment. You will receive a confirmation email, and will have the option to cancel/reschedule if necessary outside of 48 hours from your appointment.

That's it! Over the last year, “At-Leisure” has worked tirelessly alongside a 5 star team of web developers to offer you a state of the art DOT scheduling solution. Our new DOT Exam Scheduler is the only integrated software of its kind available, allowing for customers and clients to easily schedule, choose a location and pay for a DOT exam directly from our website.

With our trusted network of partnered physicians, “At-Leisure” is once again reshaping the industry by providing an easier, more affordable, streamlined system for hoisting license holders to complete renewal requirements. Education has never been easier.



Putting our money where our mouth is, we have implemented a scheduling system designed to make your life as simple as possible. No phone calls; just schedule, pay, and confirm your exam with the location of your choice with just a few clicks.

Your D.O.T. Medical Exam is good for whenever you are ready to use it, so even if you recently renewed your D.O.T. Medical Card, you will be still be able to take advantage of this offer during your next renewal.

Select from various exam locations across the state. No matter what area of MA you are in, one of our D.O.T. locations is within close proximity.

We have also selected locations close to the highway, each with convenient parking. Yes, convenient parking was part of our location selection process in case you're in a large vehicle (we know how you roll).

Health insurance no longer covers D.O.T. physicals, but we do - with the best price possible! We have learned the average price for a D.O.T. physical and have worked close with our team of doctors to get our customers the best price available.

Our advanced D.O.T. process allows doctors to complete your exam in as little as 20 minutes! You have better things to do than sit in a waiting room, and so our advanced process works with our doctors' programs to get the tedious tasks out of the way ahead of time.

Your discounted D.O.T. credit will not expire until you've had the chance to renew your D.O.T. So even if you just recently renewed your D.O.T., you will still be able to take advantage of this offer whenever you are ready to use it!