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So, your MA Hoisting License expires or has expired during this COVID crisis?  As if the renewal process wasn't confusing enough, the situation has added another layer of confusion.   


Due to COVID-19 and the Shelter In Place/Stay at Home mandate, the Division of Professional Licensure is working with a reduced staff. So getting up-to-date information and having questions answered has certainly been challenging. Here are some answers to some of the common questions we have received about renewing your MA Hoisting License while the world is virtually shut down.   


Renewal Process 

The Division of Professional Licensure is continuing to mail out renewal forms and license holders may complete their continuing education as normal during this time. For licensees who are experiencing any sort of hardship as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak and need some additional time to sort out their license renewal requirements, the state is offering some leniency on expiration dates that fall within a certain time period. Any license in good standing that expires during the state of emergency will continue to be active for 90 days after the end of the state of emergency. 


At this time, the DPL is continuing to process and renew MA Hoisting Licenses. However, since they are working with a reduced staff, you may experience some delays in receiving your new license. With this being said, even though contacting or scheduling in-person appointments with the DPL remains to be an option, we DO NOT recommend this option to people unless absolutely necessary, as you are likely to experience a MUCH longer response time.   


It goes without saying that right now, online training is the ideal way to complete your continuing education. With At Leisure Contractor Licensing's online platform, the entire course may be completed online, including electronic submission of your renewal; a service not offered by any other approved provider. You may access the course via any wifi enabled or mobile-friendly device. To learn more about At Leisure's MA Hoisting Continuing Education course(s), please click here.  


What if my Drivers License and/or DOT Medical Certificate have expired before I submit my renewal?  



Previously, the state was accepting Drivers License's and DOT's which had expired and fell within a specific date range.  This has since been changed, and now all renewals must be accompanied with a valid Driver's License and DOT Medical Certificate. 


The short answer is, the state will still accept your renewal with an expired Driver's License and/or DOT Medical Certificate as long as it falls within the requirements outlined below.  


Driver's License 

All Class D and Class DM driver’s licenses and ID cards, and Learner’s Permits that have expired or are expiring between March 1, 2020 and August 31, 2020, will have an extension applied to the current expiration date and do not need to be renewed at this time. 

  • Driver’s licenses and ID cards that expired or will expire in March, April, and May 2020, will now expire in September 2020.
  • Driver’s licenses and ID cards that will expire in June have been extended until October 2020.
  • Driver’s licenses and ID cards that will expire in July have been extended until November 2020.
  • Driver’s licenses and ID cards that will expire in August have been extended until December 2020.
  • All learner’s permits expiring between March and August 2020 have been extended until December 2020.


DOT Medical Cards 

The Massachusetts RMV has granted extensions on DOT medical forms expiring between 3/1/2020 and 6/30/2020.  These forms will continue to be valid until June 30, 2020.   

For At Leisure customers wanting to take advantage of our $65 DOT Physical option and looking to get their DOT renewed now instead of later, many of our physicians are still open, just working with a limited schedule.  Their availability has been posted and is viewable from your dashboard.  To view our DOT calendar, click on the "My Perks" tab. 



For more information surrounding the COVID crisis as it pertains to the MA Hoisting Exam schedule and MA Construction Supervisor License Continuing Education courses, please visit: