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Earning or renewing your Florida Professional Engineering license is important for your career and business as a Florida engineer or general contractor. Your valid license proves that you have taken the steps needed to stay updated on all current laws, regulations, and policies. It helps you provide safe, compliant, and reliable service to your clients, letting them know they can put their trust in you right away. Additionally, renewing your license informs the State of Florida that you are still an active and working contractor and that you want to continue working in the field in the state. On the downside, if you miss a new regulation or law, resulting in an issue with a project, you might incur hefty fines if you don't hold a current license, so it is in your interest on many levels to renew as soon as possible.

As important as renewing your license is, COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and the associated mask mandates, social distancing policies, and lockdowns have made it challenging for Florida contractors to take care of this important task. Fortunately, there are simple and convenient ways to prepare for your license renewal no matter what happens heading into 2021 with the pandemic since the state of Florida allows for both online and in-person classroom options.

At Leisure offers you the chance to prepare for your Florida Professional Engineering license, focusing on the following:

  • Continuing education
  • Easy course access via mobile or laptop
  • A relaxed learning environment where you set your own pace
  • Updated and fresh new content
  • Students can comply with COVID-related restrictions without missing coursework

We offer individual or group courses in Florida, depending on the size of your business and needs. Everyone can take the 18-hour continuing education course, which has received the approval of the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) and the Florida Board of Engineers (FBE).

The course breaks down into:

  • 16 credit hours of general engineering credits toward earning your Florida Professional Engineer License
  • 1 hour of Ethics
  • 1 hour of the Laws and Rules of being a Florida contractor

Once you feel prepared to begin your continuing education course, you don't have to pick up your mask and go anywhere. You can take your exam through At Leisure. Once you earn your continuing education, you can download your results, then visit My Florida License to create an account. Then, you can update your personal information, renew your license, and review your online coursework completed through At Leisure.

Once you earn or renew your license, you do not have to report to any governmental body or clients. However, FBPE does conduct a random verification audit following a renewal cycle, in which case, it will be required to present proof of your license renewal in addition to all hours related to your continuing education. With At Leisure, we help you to keep up with the latest laws and regulations and will present you with a certificate of completion that should be saved in case of an audit.

Register now with At Leisure to start preparing for your Florida Professional Engineer license right away. We make it as painless as possible and give you the chance to prepare when and where best suits your schedule.