Refund Policies | At Leisure Contractor Licensing

No Pass, No Pay
MA Hoisting Exam Prep & MA CSL Exam Prep

Our courses are tried and true; they have been used for years with great success. 

If you fail any MA Hoisting exam or MA CSL exam two consecutive times, after using our prep course, we'll refund your money! That’s how confident we are in our courses.



  • You must take both the class and the exam twice. If you fail the second time, after we have checked with state records, we will refund your money and unenroll you in the course.
  • Refund will only be for the course fee and will not include the Massachusetts OPSI exam fee(s).
  • If you choose to continue taking the prep course after failing the second time, the refund does not apply.
  • If you did not complete your prep course in its entirety prior to failing the associated state exam, these terms do not apply.







Premium Refund Policy

Your satisfaction is our focus. We understand that everyone has a different preference or need when it comes to education. If you've enrolled in one of our MA Hoisting Engineering and/or Construction Supervisor online courses - and decide it's not for you - we'll issue you a full refund!



  • MA Hoisting Exam Prep: If you have NOT completed a relevant portion of your course progress* and have NOT sat for the associated state exam, we'll refund your course enrollment cost (any money paid for state exam fees - that have already been passed off to the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety - will not be refunded). *The amount of completed course progress considered relevant may vary by exam prep and will be decided by the curriculum team. As a general rule of thumb: you should be able to determine pretty early in your course whether or not this exam prep style is "for you" or "not for you."  
  • MA Hoisting, MA & GA Construction Supervisor Continuing Education: We don't timestamp refund requests. As long as you haven't completed your continuing education course(s), we'll issue you a full refund. No hassle, guaranteed!