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Mass. Construction Supervisor License - 10 Hour Continuing Education (CS-9801)

MA Construction Supervisor License - Continuing Education
Restricted License - 10 Hour Course


This is a self-paced course, which allows you to complete the material anytime, from anywhere, and has been approved by the MA Department of Public Safety to meet all requirements for the 10 Hour, Restricted MA Construction Supervisor License renewal. This course was written by an industry expert and has received excessive praise by past customers for being highly engaging and informative. Completion of this course results in immediate access to your "certificate of completion".

1. Module 1 - Code Review (1-hour required, 2-hours proposed)
The following section covers important sections of the 2009 International Building Code and 2009 International Residential Code.

  • 2009 International Building Code - Segment 1 - 30- mins.
  • 2009 International Building Code - Segment 2 - 30- mins. (Elective)
  • 2009 International Residential Code - Segment 3 - 30-mins.
  • 2009 International Residential Code - Segment 4 - 30-mins. (Elective)

2. Module 2 - Workplace Safety (1-hour required, 1-hour proposed)
The following section will cover current OSHA standards and requirements as applicable to the construction industry.

  • OSHA -Standards for the Construction Industry - Segment 5 - 30-mins.
  • OSHA -Standards for the Construction Industry - Segment 6 - 30-mins.

3. Module 3 - Business Practices/Workers’ Compensation Insurance (1-hour required, 3-hours proposed)
The following section will cover important business areas;

  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance Requirements - Segment 7 - 30-mins.
  • Basic Contract Content and Development - Segment 8 - 30-mins.
  • Managing Contracts and Invoicing - Segment 9 - 30-mins. (Elective)
  • Managing and Motivating Employees - Segment 10 - 30-mins. (Elective)
  • Identifying and Mitigating Project Risk - Segment 11 - 30-mins. (Elective)
  • Basic Construction Estimating Practice - Segment 12 - 30-mins. (Elective)

4. Module 4 - Energy (1-hour required, 1-hour proposed)
The following section covers energy efficiency standards and best practices in construction.

  • Energy Standards and Best Practices #1 - Segment 13 - 30-mins.
  • Energy Standards and Best Practices #2 - Segment 14 - 30-mins.

5. Module 5 - Lead Safe Practices (1-hour required, 1- hour proposed)
The following section covers topics related to lead paint abatement and disposal.

  • Lead Safe Practices #1 - Segment 15 - 30-mins.
  • Lead Safe Practices #2 - Segment 16 - 30-mins.

6. Module 6 - Elective Topics (4-hours required, 4-hours proposed)
The following are proposed elective topics.

  • Reading and Understanding Plans - Segment 17 - 30-mins. (Elective)
  • Managing and Communicating with Clients - Segment 18 - 30-mins. (Elective)
  • Basic Project Management #1 - Segment 19 - 30-mins. (Elective)
  • Basic Scheduling Concepts #1 - Segment 20 - 30-mins. (Elective)
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