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The Massachusetts HE 4E license covers: Catch Basin Cleaners.

This is a self-paced course, which allows you to complete the material at your leisure! State-approved by the MA Department of Public Safety to meet all continuing education requirements; completion of this course results in immediate access to your certificate, which may be printed or submitted electronically to the state.

Check out a complete list of the course details and benefits below. If you are renewing multiple grades, course duration will automatically adjust to comply with new state continuing education requirements (details below).

Our customers also have the opportunity to enjoy Electronic Renewal Submission and Discounted D.O.T. Medical Cards, options not offered by any other provider. Learn about these benefits and more below.

Use the dropdown menu to the right if you'd like to select Electronic Renewal Submission. Please note, it can take 3-7 days after submission for the state to initiate your renewal process. To learn more about our renewal submission option, please review the Course Details & Benefits section below.

Course Details & Benefits:

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Upon completion of the course, your certificate is immediately available for download. Your certificate will be presented to you in format electronically accepted by the state, or you may print it.

Alternatively, you may elect to have your renewal submitted electronically through our system. Learn more about our Electronic Renewal Submission benefit here.

Some continuing education providers require you to pass a test at the end of the course - we do not. So relax! You're about to embark on the easiest course experience possible.

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Recent changes to Massachusetts Hoisting Continuing Education requirements were announced November 2016. Now, continuing education requires:

  • regulatory training (law) to be completed once
  • equipment specific training to be completed for each grade of license

The following grades require 2-hours of regulatory training (law) and 2-hours of equipment specific:

  • 1A, 1B, 1C, 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, 3A

The following grades require 1-hours of regulatory training (law) and 1-hours of equipment specific:

  • 1D, 4B, 4C, 4D, 4E, 4F, 4G

For example, if you hold a 2A, 4G license, you will need to complete 5 hours of continuing education:

  • 2-Hours regulatory training (which covers both 2A and 4G requirement)
  • 2-Hours equipment specific for 2A
  • 1-Hours equipment specific for 4G

Your continuing education credits may be completed at any time. The only restriction is when you are allowed to submit your certificate of completion to the state for renewal. About 30-45 days prior to your license expiration date, the state will send you a renewal form. At this time, you may submit your continuing education certificate to the state for renewal. 

  • If you have misplaced your renewal form, or you are within the 30 day window and have not received it from the state, you may request a new one HERE.
  • If your license has expired, you have a year grace period in which you may renew your license without penalty. In this time, your license is considered expired and cannot be used until renewed. After the year grace period, you will need to retake the state exam to get your license back.
  • There are two ways to submit to the state; electronically or via standard mail. Your renewal form will have instructions on how to do both.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Safety - Hours of Operation: (Mon-Fri / 8:45am-5:00pm):

  • Call (508) 820-1444 to report all hoisting-related accidents.
  • All other Mass DPS calls: (617) 727-3200.