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The 4A Mass Hoisting License is gone. We're here to help.


$79 Unlimited Continuing Education for Class 4 MA Hoisting License

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Previously, there was a 4A Unlimited Specialty Series restriction that encompassed all class 4 specialty equipment. Individuals holding the 4A license just needed to take one class 4 continuing education course. On November 18, 2016, changes made to 520 CMR 6.00 Hoisting Machinery took affect as part of the Governor's Executive Order 562 to update regulations. These changes included the elimination of the 4A restriction from the Hoisting license.

Hoisting engineers who previously held a 4A license were forced to decide which of the following class 4 license grades they wanted to keep:

  • 4B: Drill Rigs
  • 4C: Pipeline Side Booms
  • 4D: Concrete Pumps
  • 4E: Catch Basin Cleaners
  • 4F: Sign Hanging Equipment
  • 4G: Specialty Lawn Mowers

Now, all licensees must complete the continuing education requirements for each individual grade.


Continuing Education Requirements:

For the Class 4 Licenses, you are required to complete a minimum:

  • ONE hour of regulatory (law) training, for the entire class 4 
  • ONE hour of equipment specific training for each license grade

For Example: If you are renewing a 4B, 4C and 4G, this would require a total of 4 hours continuing education

  • 1-Hour regulatory (law),
  • 1-Hour 4B equipment specific,
  • 1-Hour 4C equipment specific,
  • 1-Hour 4G equipment specific

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