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HVAC: Introduction to HVAC Systems Online Course - National

HVAC Introduction Systems

This lesson will provide a solid understanding of Psychrometric Chart Concepts and Air Conditioning Systems. Outlining the following:

Psychrometric Charts

  • Terms and components used in psychrometric charts.
  • Interpretation of data plotted in psychrometric charts related to temperature, humidity, moisture, and enthalpy. 
  • Plotting of data onto psychrometric charts.
  • Interpreting data plotted on psychrometric charts.

Air-Conditioning Systems

  • The components and component functions of a basic air-conditioning system.
  • The components of an air-conditioning system with an economizer cycle.
  • Economizer performance.
  • Zoned systems.

This course allows you to earn credits towards RCEP PDH’s. Credits earned on completion of this program will be reported to within 30 days of completion. You will receive a certificate of completion provided by RCEP on the email address you have provided at the time of enrollment. Please keep the certificate for your record.


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