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Property Ownership & Land Use | Real Estate Continuing Education Online Course -Rhode Island

This course explores the meaning of real property ownership and the differences between real estate and personal property. Although these terms are often used interchangeably in everyday conversation, there are different rights associated with these different commodities. It is important that licensees understand the differences between them and are able to explain the distinctions to their clients and customers. 

Throughout this course, the student will learn how different commodities land, real estate, and real property transfer and relate to one another. In addition, the student will learn about land use theory and come to understand how our federal, state, municipal and private authorities govern and plan our communities. This course covers legal descriptions as well as informal descriptions, the development of these concepts and the role they play in the real estate industry. 

This course is a Continuing Education course approved by Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation - Real Estate Licensing.


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