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Motor and Motor Control Online Course - National

Motor and Motor Control

Learn the operation and benefits of different motor controllers, the operational limitations and protective limits of all motors, electrical diagrams and the construction and operation mostly used in AC and DC Motors. 

This course consists of the following modules:

  • Electrical Diagrams: This course will provide you with the necessary understanding of control devices and the common electrical symbols used for electrical diagrams 
  • Direct Current Motors: Direct current, or DC, motors are used in everything from remote control airplanes to electric cars. They operate off of a simple principle known as Lorentz force. This principle is that a current-carrying conductor in a magnetic field experiences a torque.
  • Motor Fundamentals: Learn the operations and benefits of the different motor controllers. Be able to describe the common types of motor controller enclosures, manual control, semiautomatic control, and magnetic contractors.
  • Motor Protection and Name Plate Data: Learn operational limitations and protective limits to establish a well-balanced electrical system and aid in troubleshooting. 
  • Alternating Current Motors: Get introduced to AC motor theory and describe the construction and operations of the most commonly used AC motors.
  • Control Circuit Diagrams: Learn how to use control circuit diagrams for complex tasks such as in a conveyor belt system within a distribution center. Understand sequence controls, the operation of motor control center's power supplies and the proper use of motor control center single line diagrams. 


Course Details & Benefits: