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Electrical Contractor: Electrical Safety | 1 Hour Continuing Education Online Course - Georgia

Georgia Electrical Contractor

The Georgia Board of Construction Industry Licensing Board requires that all persons holding an electrical contractor license must complete 4 hours of continuing education per year. This course is a state-approved (GA) 1 Hour Continuing Education course that provides a basic understanding of OSHA's role in the prevention and elimination of electrical work-related illnesses and injuries. The course emphasizes hazard identification, avoidance, control, and standards.

Electricity is very powerful and can be very dangerous. This course  describes the six main types of potentially fatal electrical injuries. It also describes some of the many electrical hazards that you may  encounter, and how to control those hazards.

You'll learn how electricity works and how it travels, cord and wire safety, safe power-tool use, safe work practices, how to use personal protective equipment, and the importance of training in electrical safety.

OSHA's 1926 Subpart K -- Electrical is all about the safe operation of electricity. Most people accept electricity as a source of power without giving much thought to the hazards that electricity creates. Electrical safety is important whether you work with it directly, as with engineers, electronic technicians, or power-line workers, or indirectly, as with office workers or salespeople.

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