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Online courses for Massachusetts Hoisting Engineer License. 


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New License Exam Prep

Designed to help new HE license applicants pass state exams, courses feature:

> Practice Quizzes

> Highlighted areas of focus

> No pass, no pay & premium refund policies (details)

Constructed with convenience in mind, courses feature:

> (Optional) Electronic application submission (details)

> Discounted D.O.T. Medical Cards (details)

> A relaxed learning environment

> 24/7 online access

> Mobile compatibility

> Self-paced training

>Auto-saving course progress

Continuing Education

Required for those looking to renew MA HE licenses. All courses are:

> Approved by the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety

> Compliant with 520 CMR 6.04.

> Included in our premium refund policy (details)

Constructed with convenience in mind, courses feature:

> Discounted D.O.T. Medical Cards (details)

> A relaxed learning environment

> 24/7 online access

> Mobile compatibility

> Auto-saving course progress

> Optional audio narration

> NO testing (not a requirement)

> Immediate, approved Certificate of Completion.

Short-Term Rental Permits

Individuals wanting to operate a compact (under 8,000lbs) backhoe, mini-excavator, or skid steer ("Bobcat") in MA - who do not hold a current MA Class 2 HE license - must obtain a valid short-term rental permit. Prior to issuance of a short-term rental permit, individuals must complete state-approved training on the machine in question. Our short-term rental permit training courses are:

> Approved by the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety

> Compliant with 520 CMR 6.03 - training requirements for short-term rentals

> Operating on behalf of the American Rental Association of Massachusetts (ARAM) and its member rental stores (find ARAM store)

Constructed with convenience in mind, courses feature:

> A relaxed learning environment

> 24/7 online access

> Mobile compatibility

> Auto-saving course progress

> Immediate, approved Certificate of Completion - which we will help you submit to your rental store 


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MA Hoisting (HE) License Online Courses

The process of getting your MA hoisting license doesn’t have to be complicated. At Leisure puts all of the tools you need right at your fingertips so you can get the Massachusetts Hoisting Engineer License you need without any hassle or stress. If you want to advance your career or ensure compliance within your company, look no further than our hoisting license online course.

Three Courses to Meet Your MA Hoisting License Needs

We offer three hoisting license online courses to assist you no matter what step of the process you are in. Each one provides you with all of the study materials you need to pass the test, and all of your paperwork is taken care of. The options for a Massachusetts Hoisting Engineer License include:

  • New License Exams – If you have never had an MA hoisting license before, this course was created for you. It has one goal: to help you pass. This MA hoisting license exam prep includes marked focus areas and practice quizzes. We are so confident in our course, we guarantee you will pass, or you get your money back.
  • Continuing Education Courses – If you need to renew your Massachusetts Hoisting Engineer License, you can complete any of our courses to receive the CEU credits you need. Each one is compliant with 520 CMR 6.04, has been approved by the MA Department of Public Safety, and gives you immediate access to your Certificate of Completion. And there are no tests, because they aren’t required.
  • Short-Term Rental Permits – When you need to operate specific equipment (such as a Bobcat, mini-excavator, or compact backhoe) but you don’t have an MA Class 2 HE license, this state-approved course will quickly get you the certification you need.

We Make Getting Your MA Hoisting License Easy

While obtaining your Massachusetts Hoisting Engineer License may seem daunting, we have designed our CEU and exam prep courses to be as simple as possible. Some of the features you will enjoy while completing our hoisting license online course include:

  • Electronic submission of your application for all MA hoisting license exam prep courses
  • Discounted D.O.T physicals for all MA hoisting continuing education or exam prep participants that are easy to schedule, located at convenient locations, and affordable
  • A laid-back approach to learning that gives you the ability to choose when, where, and how you complete your course

We Give You the Support You Need to Succeed

In addition to our best-in-the-industry MA hoisting license and exam prep courses, we offer superior customer support. With At Leisure, you can embark on your course with confidence knowing that our method is tried and true and we are here to watch you succeed. To learn more about our hoisting license online course and to discover what thousands of others already have, contact us now.



The Massachusetts Department of Public Safety has implemented changes to 520 CMR 6.00 which may have an immediate effect on your MA HE license(s).

Please reference the in-depth 520 CMR 6.00 document (link above) on mass.gov. Below is an abridged version of changes and what they mean for you:

  • No more HE 4A: The Class 4 Unrestricted, or HE 4A license, no longer exists. New license applicants seeking a class 4 HE license may still take/pass separate exams for the 4B, 4C, 4D, 4E, 4F, and 4G license grades/ restrictions.
    • HE 4A continuing education: Existing HE 4A license holders will have approximately 6 months (roughly May 2017) to complete HE 4A continuing education requirements. After this time, HE 4A license holders will need to choose which class 4 restrictions they wish to retain for the future.
    • Beginning six months out, class 4 license holders will be required to complete separate continuing education courses for each of the restrictions s/he has opted to retain.
  • Continuing education requirements, overall, have been adjusted so that those holding multiple HE licenses will only need to complete laws/regulations CEUs one time total per renewal period - rather than one time for each license held, per renewal period.
    • See section below on continuing education requirements for more information.
  • New: HE Municipality Limited license: This combines the HE 1C, 2B, and 4G into one. To apply for this state exam, you will be required to submit a letter from the municipality you are applying to or work for - on company letterhead - essentially serving as proof of your position.
    • Important: This license is not "permanent" - meaning should you lose your position or move on from the municipality in reference, your HE Municipality Limited license will cease to exist.
    • Continuing education requirements still apply.
View a simplified MA HE license chart

Summary: Massachusetts has four (4) HE license classifications: 1 (hoisting), 2 (excavating), 3 (air, tower & electric), and 4 (specialty).
  • Classes 1 and 2 have four (4) sub-grades, or restrictions (A, B, C, and D), which work as a hierarchy. Therefore, HE 1A and 2A licenses are essentially "unrestricted" for their respective classes. Conversely, someone holding an HE 1C license, for example, may only operate equipment falling under the HE 1C and 1D licenses - but not the 1A or 1B licenses.
  • Class 3 only has a 3A license.
  • Class 4 has seven (6) sub-grades, or restrictions (B, C, D, E, F, G). Due to changes in 520 CMR 6.00 (see update above), there is no longer a class 4A Unrestricted license. Also, unlike with classes 1 and 2, the remaining class 4 restrictions do not operate as a hierarchy. For example, someone holding a 4C license may only operate equipment covered under the 4C.

Operators utilizing equipment solely on company property may qualify for an exemption. To learn more about the In-Service Training exemption, click here.

To apply for a MA Hoisting Engineering License, you must submit an application to the MA Department of Public Safety (or, we can do it for you, per our "Electronic license application assistance" option).
  • The Mass DPS will receive and process your application, and schedule you for an upcoming exam. During "normal" processing times, new license applicants typically receive an exam date in the month following when they applied (ex: application submitted in June, exam date provided in July).
  • The Mass DPS will mail you (to the address provided on your application) exam details (date/location) about 2 weeks prior to your scheduled exam date.
  • A list of exam dates and locations can be found here.
  • You must achieve a 70% or better on a given exam in order to obtain the associated MA Hoisting Engineering license. If you score below a 70%, you must wait 90 days before you are allowed to retake the same exam.
If you've applied for a MA HE License and are curious about your application status, there are a few things you can do:
  • Check the Mass.gov License Verification portal and search by first/last name. If your name appears with the designation "pending," it means your application has been processed and you should soon receive details (mail) on your upcoming exam date/location.
  • Check with your bank. Has your application check been cashed by the Mass DPS? If so, they've received and have processed (or are processing) your application.
  • As a last resort, call the Mass DPS to inquire about your status (617.727.3200). Before calling, please remember the process of applying and then sitting for a MA HE license exam typically takes at least a month.
Once every two years, on your expiration date/birthday, you'll be required to renew your MA Hoisting Engineering license(s). As outlined on Mass.gov, "all Hoisting License holders must complete continuing education requirements of 520 CMR 6.04 prior to license renewal, unless a request for an inactive license status has been made pursuant to 520 CMR 6.04(3)." Hours of continuing education needed every 2 years, prior to renewal, are as follows:
  • License grades 1A, 1B, 1C, 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, 3A: 
    • 2 Hours of Massachusetts Laws/Regulations (one time)
    • 2 Hours specific to the equipment covered within your license (for each license grade)
    • Example: You hold an HE 1A, 2B, and 3A = you need 8 Hours of continuing education (2 hrs = laws/regulations, 2 hrs = 1A equipment, 2 hrs = 2B equipment, and 2 hrs = 3A equipment) 
  • License grades 1D, 4B, 4C, 4D, 4E, 4F, 4G:
    • 1 Hour of Massachusetts Laws/Regulations (one time)
    • 1 Hour specific to the equipment covered within your license (for each license grade)
    • Example: You hold an HE 1D, 4B, and 4F = you need 4 Hours of continuing education (1 hr = laws/regulations, 1 hr = 1D equipment, 1 hr = 4B equipment, and 1 hr = 4F equipment)
  • If you hold a combination of licenses from the two categories above (ex: 1D, 2A, 4F), your required hours of continuing education for laws/regulations will be 2. So in this example, you will need 6 hours of continuing education (2 hrs = laws/regulations, 1 hr = 1D equip., 2 hrs = 2A equip., 1 hr = 4F equip.)
The Massachusetts Department of Public Safety will mail you a renewal form - to the address they have on file - approximately 30-45 days prior to your license expiration date (i.e. birthday). If you did not receive, or have misplaced your renewal form, you may request a new one by downloading this form and submitting it to the state. They will resend you a new renewal form.

As far as the renewal process goes, you have two options:
  • Mail in your renewal items (you'll need the renewal form referenced above - which provides instructions on how to proceed).
  • Submit your renewal items online via the state's eRenewal Portal (renewal form NOT needed for this approach).
The Massachusetts Department of Public Safety - Hours of Operation: (Mon-Fri / 8:45am-5:00pm):
  • Call (508) 820-1444 to report all hoisting-related accidents.
  • All other Mass DPS calls: (617) 727-3200.

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